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Corporation Name:TQS Taiwan Inc.
English Name:TQS Taiwan Inc.
Services & Products:Universal LNB for satellite TV
Person in Charge:ERIC LIU


TQS Taiwan Inc.

TQS Taiwan Inc. was foundin 2006 as a professional Ku band LNB design and manufacturer which factory locates in  China.TQS makes LNB in OEM ODM base at customer’s brandname. Shenzhen office Yestar Electronic was established in 2019 Shenzhen China.

With senior R&D engineers and effective production technology, TQS makes LNB good & stable quality to keep customer’s brand inhigh value. Meantime TQS offers reasonable price to keep customer shave good profit.  TQS CE and RoHS areready.


TQSmain production are universal LNB single, Twin, Quattro, Quad ,Octo and Monoblock 6° single ((Astra19.2°E , Hotbird 13°E). Besides above mentioned TQS has ability to design Ku band LNB at customer’srequest.

contact me e-mail:
                    tel:+886-937104203(mobile phone)
                    skype:liutienchih   wechat:erictqs1

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Service Zone:Europe, Africa, Others


Address:330 Taoyuan City Taiwan (Full display google map)
Skype ID:liutienchih

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